Deep sleep music, ocean waves and birds sounds that hopefully makes you fall asleep fast. 1 hour of relaxing sleep music with beautiful nature videos. This music can also be used ambient meditation music, yoga music and study music.


  1. Dear Nature-Relaxation: I have severe chronic insomnia (its a waking nightmare), and I have been recommended to try sleep music for inducing and maintaining a sleep state. I am a life-long lover of nature and feel the best that I am able to feel (which is not ever good these days) when I am in nature, so I find your recordings much more appealing than the more “new-age” styles I also found on Youtube. However, I am electronic-sensitive and cannot tolerate any emf’s being emitted in my sleeping environment. A battery operated player which is not wi-fi connected is really the best option for me to use in the bedroom. Is there a way to download the nature music videos you sponsor on youtube to an MP3 player? I cannot figure out how to do this, if it is an option.


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